Hudayriyat Villas:

Hudayriyat Villas by Modon Properties presents a premier investment opportunity in Abu Dhabi's real estate market. Spanning 11.6 square miles with a 9.9-mile coastline, this development offers luxury villas and mansions in the Nawayef community, and California-style and Art Nouveau villas in Al Naseem. Strategically located for easy access to key landmarks, Hudayriyat Island promises convenience and exclusivity. The project features diverse residential options with various price points and area ranges, catering to different lifestyles. With a handover date on the horizon, investing here ensures immediate and long-term returns. The island's blend of natural beauty, recreational facilities, and luxurious living makes it a prime choice for discerning investors.


Marsana Beach

Trail X

Bike Trail


World Class Marina

OCR Park

Obstacle courses

Bike Park

Cycling Track

Circuit X

BMX, Splash

Hudayriyat Villas Amenities

The community offer sustainable lifestyle and world class amenities.

Tennis Area


Jogging area

Parking Area

BBQs Area

Basketball Court

Gym Area

Park Area

Hudayriyat Island: A Hidden Gem of Abu Dhabi's Leisure Scene

Nestled just across the water from Al Bateen, Hudayriyat Island stands as a haven for those seeking beachfront bliss, convivial gatherings with friends, and memorable family outings. Offering an array of amenities, this island paradise promises a delightful blend of sports facilities, dining options, recreational activities, and more, ensuring an unforgettable day or night for all who visit.

Residential Options & Investment Opportunity:

Hudayriyat Island, developed by Modon Properties, presents an exclusive investment opportunity. With its expansive coastline and diverse residential offerings, including villas and mansions, the island caters to discerning individuals seeking luxury, comfort, and resort-style living.

Exploring the Island:

  • Sports Extravaganza: From football fields to running tracks, indoor and outdoor basketball and tennis courts, bike parks, cycling tracks, skate parks, and even an obstacle course, Hudayriyat Island caters to the active lifestyle enthusiast.

  • Beachfront Delight: Embrace the serene beauty of Hudayriyat's spacious beach, where soft sands meet the shimmering turquoise sea. Indulge in culinary delights at the island's numerous restaurants or food trucks, and immerse yourself in its rich historical and cultural heritage along the captivating Heritage Trail.

Marsana Hudayriyat:

  • A Day by the Beach: The Marsana waterfront promenade offers a plethora of activities for beach lovers of all ages. Children can frolic in the dedicated splash park and swimming pool, while adults can unwind on the beach, soaking in breathtaking sunsets. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the outdoor gym and network of cycle paths, while thrill-seekers can enjoy beach volleyball, jet skis, and banana boats.

Circuit X Hudayriyat:

  • Extreme Adventure Awaits: Circuit X adventure park beckons adrenaline junkies with four exclusive parks. Splash Park delights the little ones with its wet and dry play areas, while the Skate Park challenges board enthusiasts with its diverse features. The BMX Park offers ample space for bike enthusiasts to showcase their skills, while the Ropes Park provides a thrilling experience with its ropes course, zipline, and climbing wall.

Activities on Hudayriat Island:

  • Brething

  • Splash Park

  • Skating

  • High Ropes & Obstacle Courses

  • Volleyball

  • Wall Climbing

  • Fitness

  • Badminton

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Jogging

  • Cycling

  • Football


Unparalleled Investment Opportunity: Hudayriyat Island

  1. Luxury Living Redefined:

Hudayriyat Island, a project by Modon Properties, stands as an epitome of luxury living in Abu Dhabi. Spanning 11.6 square miles with a coastline of 9.9 miles, this development offers a grand scale of opulence.

  1. Diverse Residential Options:

The island features the Nawayef community with villas and mansions, along with Al Naseem boasting California-style and Art Nouveau residences. This diverse range caters to various preferences and lifestyles.

  1. Prime Location and Accessibility:

Strategically positioned, Hudayriyat Island enjoys proximity to key landmarks and urban conveniences. Residents benefit from seamless accessibility, enhancing the overall lifestyle experience.

  1. Anticipated Returns on Investment:

With the project's handover date approaching, investors can anticipate a surge in property values. This presents a lucrative opportunity for substantial returns on investment.

  1. Unmatched Lifestyle Amenities:

Beyond financial gains, investing in Hudayriyat Island offers access to unparalleled amenities, scenic surroundings, and a vibrant lifestyle. It's a chance to be part of a thriving community shaping Abu Dhabi's future.

  1. Seize the Opportunity:

Investors are encouraged to seize the moment and invest in Hudayriyat Island today. By doing so, they embark on a journey towards prosperity and luxury living in one of Abu Dhabi's most iconic projects.

Hudayriyat Villas More Attractions

Your Guide to Discovering Abu Dhabi's Hidden Jewel

Skate Park
BMX Park
Ropes Park
Splash Park

Hudayriyat Villas Master Plan

Hudayriyat Villas Location

This project is strategically located in the most iconic location with access to world facilities

  • Healthplus Diabetes & Endocrinology Center
  • Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls
  • Lycee Francais Theodore Monod
  • Japanese Private School
  • Al Bateen Academy
  • Humpty Dumpty Nursery
  •  Green Fields Nursery
  • Little Haven Nursery
  • Switch Resturant

Hudayriyat Villas Nearby Locations

At Hudayriyat Villas, we understand that finding the perfect home can be a daunting task. That's why we strive to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our community offers a range of luxurious villas, each designed with comfort and style in mind. The Project is situated in most sought of location with world class amenities at stone's throw.

World Trade Centre

18 Mins

Yas Island

35 Mins

Abu Dhabi Airport

28 Mins


Yes, Hudayriyat Island offers freehold ownership to both UAE nationals and expatriates, making it an attractive investment option for a diverse range of buyers.

Hudayriyat Island presents a variety of residential options, including villas and mansions in the Nawayef community, as well as California-style and Art Nouveau villas in Al Naseem.

Residents of Hudayriyat Island enjoy access to a plethora of amenities, including sports facilities, beachfront areas, restaurants, recreational parks, and cultural attractions, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle experience.

Hudayriyat Island is conveniently located south of the main Abu Dhabi downtown island, opposite Al Bateen. The island is easily accessible via Al Bateen, ensuring residents are within close proximity to the city's bustling center.

While specific handover dates may vary depending on the property type and phase of development, Hudayriyat Island is progressing swiftly towards completion, with various phases expected to be handed over in the near future.

Yes, various financing options are available for investors looking to purchase properties on Hudayriyat Island. Potential buyers can explore mortgage options provided by leading financial institutions to facilitate their investment..

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